Time management & productivity training

The problem(s)

It sounds like a cliche, but perhaps that’s because it’s true. Today, many of  us are in a constant state of bombardment with emails, interruptions, phone calls, meetings, ‘urgent’ requests, instant messaging, changes in priorities, task switching and distractions. It’s no wonder many of our people are feeling stressed, frazzled and overwhelmed.

While poor time management has a significant impact on productivity, it also takes its toll on employee health, wellbeing, and engagement. Targeted, bespoke time management training and productivity support can help to remedy these problems.

Some of the problems I commonly encounter include:

Reacting to ad hoc requests

Reactive employees who are constantly busy ‘putting out fires’ or attending to ‘urgent’ requests, so their main tasks are put aside and often not completed on time or to standard.

Scheduling and planning

Poor scheduling and planning skills, which can lead to overpromising and under-delivering, or working extended hours.


Inability to manage distractions and interruptions effectively.

Understanding time

Lack of understanding of how their time is spent and how to optimise each day or project to be more efficient and productive.

The solutions

I’ll work with you to develop a time management training program that delivers the results you need. You can choose from the options below, or a blended package of several options:

  • Tailored training sessions and workshops
  • Facilitation sessions to help your people create and achieve their own goals
  • One-to-one coaching to embed change
  • Cafe Style micro-learning: short, experiential, immersive activities for rapid and sustainable change

Some of the more popular topics and programs I can deliver for you include:

  • Developing personal and professional effectiveness goals
  • Identifying barriers, time stealers and time wasters
  • Effective prioritisation
  • Understanding and addressing procrastination and perfectionism
  • Understanding where the time goes
  • Managing the daily onslaught
  • Effective scheduling and meeting deadlines
  • Overcoming distractions
  • Appropriate delegation and escalation
  • Effective meetings
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Handling overwhelm and stress management
  • Sequencing and chunking of activities