Sales performance & training

The problem(s)

As you’re all too well aware, sales is the backbone of almost every organisation. And when your salespeople aren’t performing as well as they should, the whole organisation can suffer while your competitors win the business you wanted.
These are some common scenarios faced by my clients:

Not meeting quotas

As a business, you’re not making your overall sales quotas, or your salespeople aren’t meeting their quotas.

Lack of conversions

Your salespeople are losing too much new business, taking too long to close, or not converting enough leads to sales.

Poor meeting performance

Your salespeople are struggling to get enough meetings or, if they are getting meetings, they’re engaging with the wrong people or spending too much time on poorly qualified leads.

Poor relationship building

Your salespeople aren’t effective at building relationships with prospects based on trust and value. They’re not able to understand the client’s perspective and may spend too long talking about your business and your offering rather than focusing on the prospect’s problems.

Insufficient margins

Your margins are being squeezed too much and your sales people are discounting too heavily.

The solutions


If you’ve tried ‘off the shelf’ sales training solutions to try to solve some of these problems, you’ll know that they rarely help shift the actual metrics that matter. You need a sales training program that addresses your unique circumstances: the sales goals you want to achieve, the different personalities and development stages of your people, and your unique product and market.

I’ll work with you to develop a sales training program that delivers the results you need. You can choose from the options below, or a blended package of several options:

  • Tailored training sessions and workshops
  • Facilitation sessions to help your people create and achieve their own goals
  • One-to-one coaching to embed change
  • Cafe Style micro-learning: short, experiential, immersive activities for rapid and sustainable change

Some of the more popular topics and programs I can deliver for you include:

  • Building rapport / building trust
  • Needs analysis
  • Building trust-based value rich relationships
  • Active listening and engaging
  • Spin selling / insight selling / relationship selling
  • Communicating value
  • Understanding yourself and working from your strengths
  • Pricing strategies
  • Real, effective networking
  • Leveraging referral relationships
  • Empowered sales
  • Tactical negotiations
  • Psychology of selling.
  • Emotionally intelligent sales