Customer service training & Customer experience

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The problem(s)

You’ve heard about how the seller-customer relationship has changed dramatically in the past few years and we’re well and truly living in ‘The Age of the Customer’. Customers have more information, power and choice than ever before, and keeping your customers happy by ensuring your products and services are continually solving their problems and bringing them value is paramount. A good customer experience leads to customer loyalty, customer referrals, pricing premiums, higher employee engagement, growth and higher profits.

This also means that everyone across your business who ‘touches’ the customer, from Sales to Accounts to Product to Customer Service, needs to be aligned with this focus. Organisations that don’t embrace a true, genuine customer-centric philosophy will lose out to their competitors.

Some of the common issues my clients face are:

Poor customer experiences

Customers are much, much more likely to tell others about a negative experience than a positive one. Throughout the customer journey, there are many touch points and any one of them, if not optimised, can harm your relationship with your customer.

High customer churn (low retention)

It’s easier than ever for customers to switch to a competitor and, as we know, gaining new customers is significantly harder than retaining existing ones. Companies with poor customer retention are usually not offering customers the experience and value they expect.

Lack of true customer centricity

Organisations can play lip service to the philosophy of customer centricity, but until it’s embraced as a core value at all levels of the business, change will be difficult. Organisations need to understand and focus on offering the very best solutions and experiences to customers throughout the whole customer lifecycle.

The solutions

Often, when organisations have a problem with their customer experience, they take a siloed approach to fixing it and home in on one area of the business – usually customer service teams – hoping that will bring about the changes they need. And while it’s critical to equip your customer service team with the skills they need to provide your customers with excellent service, sometimes a deeper change is required.
I can work with your organisation to get the true picture, to understand where your customer problems lie and how best to help you achieve your goals. This may be as simple as offering workshops to your customer service teams to help them improve their skills, or as widespread as helping you achieve a culture of true customer centricity, leading to improved customer experiences and retention.

I’ll work with you to develop a customer experience or customer service training program that delivers the results you need. You can choose from the options below, or a blended package of several options:

  • Tailored training sessions and workshops
  • Facilitation sessions to help your people create and achieve their own goals
  • One-to-one coaching to embed change
  • Cafe Style micro-learning: short, experiential, immersive activities for rapid and sustainable change

Some of the more popular customer service training topics and programs I can deliver for you include:

  • Creating that ‘winning’ customer experience
  • Creating and communicating client value
  • Effective telephone skills
  • Managing dissatisfaction
  • Conflict management
  • Creating a customer experience culture.