Packing that bigger punch to deliver true change

Training and workshops by Julie Watson, Brisbane.

Training & Workshops

  • Different to off the shelf programs, tailored workshops ensure objectives of both business & individuals are met.
  • Engaging with the stakeholders from the beginning and carrying out post-workshop reviews.
Business facilitation by Julie Watson, Brisbane.


  • Involving the team to create an outcome, reach a decision or get everyone involved.
  • Creating a safe environment that encourages, “What if Thinking” creating space for individuals to be heard and listened to, all while driving towards outcomes, key deliverables and actions.
  • Implementing change programs, linking business objectives to team objectives. Really focusing the execution of what we are going to do.
Business coaching sessions for small businesses by Julie Watson, Brisbane.


  • Delivering the best results through one-to-one or group coaching.
  • Entrenching learnings from workshops or assisting in application of key focus areas from facilitation.
  • Developing the behaviours of an individual or targeted group.
Communication workshops facilitated by Julie Watson, Brisbane.


Increase the power of your people to convey your messages and values at every customer contact point throughout your organisation. Improve the internal staff communication channels and how they engage with each other.

Popular topics/programs Include:

  • Asking the powerful questions
  • Listening to understand
  • Assertiveness
  • Negotiation
  • Behavioral Profiling (DiSC)
  • Train the trainer
  • Coaching
Personal Effectiveness workshops and development strategies with Julie Watson, Brisbane.


When your people are performing at their potential, your business can perform at its potential. Personal effectiveness challenges and changes behaviours, then builds skills in time management, self-management anther disciplines.

Popular topics/programs include

  • Time management & productivity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Presenting with impact
  • Effective meetings
  • Behavioural profiling: DiSC or Hogan Assessments
  • Leadership skills and effectiveness
Customer and Client Service strategies with Julie Watson, Brisbane.


How we shape the customer experience demonstrates how we work with them to provide solutions, take ownership and show them we really do care. Effective client service requires more than simple good intentions and the ability to build rapport.

Popular topics/programs include:

  • Creating that ‘winning’ customer experience
  • Creating and communicating client value
  • Effective telephone skills
  • Managing dissatisfaction
  • Conflict management
  • Creating a customer experience culture
Sales Performance strategy workshops with Julie Watson, Brisbane.


The ‘old school’ sales model has lost its effectiveness and influence. By embracing a fresh, relationship based approach, focused on client value and trust, you will get better results.

Popular topics/programs include:

  • Building rapport / building trust
  • Building trust based-value rich relationships
  • Spin-selling / insight selling / relationship-selling
  • Communicating value
  • Pricing strategies
  • Real, effective networking
  • Leveraging referral relationships