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In the fast-paced, ever changing environment of the modern workplace, it’s difficult to find time to deliver training that develops better thinking, improved problem solving and positive behaviours.


Café Style Training was specifically developed with this in mind, to provide sustainable learning that sticks once your employees are back in their workplace.


We provide an innovative approach with a portfolio of experiential micro-learning and leadership capsules, programs and tools designed to transform your leadership and culture. Our method is fun, immersive and powerful and changes attitudes, beliefs and mindsets. It develops emotional intelligence and transforms behaviour.


Julie Watson is Australia’s only accredited facilitator of Café Style Speed Training, a brand new methodology based on the neuroscience of play.

Our unique approach:

Lends itself brilliantly to complex, large scale culture change

Gives organisations greater control and flexibility over their learning programs

Provides an alternative to time-consuming and frequently ineffective ‘one-shot’ training workshops, or dry, unengaging online learning options

Can either take the lead in driving change, or can be used to embed other learnings

Returns rapid and measurable ROI

Is ideal for anyone who’s tired of traditional chalk-and-talk classroom training that tells people what to think and doesn’t facilitate long-term, sustainable behavioural changes

Is based on the science and research in relation to effective, experiential learning

Brings about rapid, measurable results and significant cultural changes


The better question might be, how isn’t it delivered?

You can work with a Café Style concierge to design and deliver tailored program just for you. We can support your implementation by giving / upskilling internal managers, facilitators, value & champions the knowledge, skills and experiential learning tools they need to make it behavioural change happen.
Café Style has been developed to be agile and scalable, which means there are many ways we can deliver the methodology. Here are some of the ways we have found to work best.

Pop-up Learning Cafe



We’ll provide an informal learning environment where people feel free to explore, discuss and discover all possibilities either face-to-face or in a virtual classroom.

After each 60-90 minute Espresso Learning POD session, your participants will enjoy powerful learning outcomes without disrupting the business.

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Virtual Learning Cafe

Virtual Learning Cafes


The Virtual Learning Cafe provides an experiential, live and virtual learning space that allows individuals and teams to learn in bite-size increments, without disrupting their working day. These powerful Virtual Espresso Learning PODs take only 45 minutes and allow people to explore, learn and create in an informal, fun, facilitated environment.

Participants can access their training room from anywhere (with access to the Internet) via tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Cafe Style Boot Camp/Day Away

Cafe Style Boot Camp/Day Away


Our in-house boot camp programmes provide participants with an experiential learning experience that is guaranteed to transform self-awareness, thinking and support immediate behaviour change. Each boot camp can be a full day, a half day, or can be as short as 90 minutes (mini boot camp). Cafe Style methodologies accelerate learning so the boot camps are extremely powerful and transformational.

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