Café Style helps Deutsche Bank India build their unique culture

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For a regional service center operation of a bank active in more than 70 countries with 100,000 employees worldwide, understanding the organization’s values and behaviours was an important part of performance standards and organization development strategy.


The client’s key desired outcome was to enable the 7000 employees in the organization to recognize and display the behaviours that aligned to the values & beliefs of the organization. This could only happen if the employees could relate the values and the beliefs to their day job and it became a part of their operating language at work.


To achieve this, leaders and managers of the various client sites called Value Champions & Enablers, hosted “Value Cafes” every Friday, where teams came to participate in Cafe Style activities in an informal environment. Within 6 months, six values were sustainably embedded into the hearts and minds of their people.


The client reported a measurable change in culture, engagement and performance, and a steep decrease of employee turnover with 40%.


“I must acknowledge and thank you for helping build our ‘DB Culture’ at India in such an engaging & impactful manner. We believed that a change in the operating language would be the driver for change in behaviours and change in the overall culture of the organization. And what better way to change the language than to embed the new language in every coffee conversation?


Since the activities are highly participative in nature and completely non-threatening, they allowed every participant to express freely, bringing in their own experiences, thoughts and feelings. This not just ensured a higher level of ownership in driving the change within the participants but also helped them align their own personal values to the organization.”

Café Style helps Durham Constabulary become a pioneering force

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In 2013 Cafe Style started what was to be a long term relationship with Durham Constabulary, a Police Force with 2,910 employees and a forever increasing number of Special Constables and Volunteers.


“Cafe Style provided something different to other programmes of work. It complemented and brought together strands of formal learning and provided a long term opportunity where individuals and teams discovered a different way of learning. A freedom and confidence to work with tools that were really geared up to the Public Sector, as well as the Private Sector, and with the vast variety of challenges. No longer were we dependent on Consultants to deliver learning. Our people felt inspired and confident to use the activities during meetings, briefings, team events and during learning, as well as for high level development programmes.


Cafe Style was, and still is as contagious as it was in the first Boot Camp in 2013. It can be used by everyone, not just for trainers. The learning is so unconscious that we don’t even notice that we are discovering something different about ourselves and others. We are having fun and a laugh, which is such a release when we are constantly driving to achieve the best for our communities.


Cafe Style is now part of our culture, it is in our foundations. We have shared it with our partners and other Police Forces, as it’s a great way to bring organisations together. We have used it for collaborating in project meetings, problem solving and received great feedback from Multi-Agency teams during the early stages of working together.


This unique method appears to removes barriers, not only to learning, but in getting to know each other on a deep level. This ensures we constantly deliver a first class service. At the same time, Durham work with partner agencies, such as fire and ambulance services and we frequently share our learning to ensure our effective relationships remain in place.


This is despite huge financial cuts of over £22.2 million from 2010-2019 and a substantial reduction in the numbers of Officers and Staff. Our HMIC results are a testament to our innovative approach to learning. We are the only Force out of 43 in the country to receive five outstanding grades out of six, with the remaining one graded as ‘good.’


Durham Constabulary is a pioneering force and has implemented a series of innovative schemes to reduce re-offending. We have seen falls in burglary, theft and anti-social behaviour as a result of our creative approach to tackling crime.


I believe that Cafe Style has greatly contributed to our recent achievements, so much so, that we are intending to renew our license for the third year running.”

H. Bell, Durham Police

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