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How does Cafe Style micro learning work?


All of our learning games and activities are designed to work directly where real behavioural change happens.


Most of our behaviour and decision-making is guided by our subconscious. And much of our habits, beliefs and paradigms are programmed in from our early years. Over time, our beliefs become so entrenched that they become extremely difficult to change. It’s incredibly difficult to break a bad habit by consciously deciding to do so and relying on our willpower to bring about lasting change: often, as soon as something goes wrong, we revert to our default, or ‘hard wired’ behaviour.


However, through incremental, repetitive re-programming, we can distract the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious.


Our method is based on the Neuroscience of Play and based on a framework we call EPIC. This stands for:

E for experiential learning



We learn and remember the most when we’re doing. Experiential learning helps us immerse ourselves in an experience and feel our way through it, which in turn raises our self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

P for learning through play



Just like children, adults learn more when they’re in a positive emotional state, which can make material that would otherwise be intimidating or confusing more engaging and easier to learn.

I for iterative learning



When we participate in cyclical processes, they can have twice the impact of traditional linear learning and help us build new habits and paradigms. These then dictate our daily behaviours and decision-making processes.

C for collaborative learning



Most learning happens informally and as social beings, we achieve more powerful results when collaborating.

Our approach opens up participants’ minds and helps them become more self-aware, self-compassionate, creative and emotionally and socially intelligent.


In terms of culture, our system has changed the way people interact with each other and transformed organisational languages. People are less rigid, and more creative, trusting and collaborative which in turn improves productivity, teamwork, customer relationships and sales.

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