About Julie

Standards, Reassurance & Professionalism

Julie is a multi-talented trainer, facilitator, coach and speaker, with over 20 years experience developing more productive behaviours.


  • Works fast, intuitively, effectively, without a script but knows what works and knows how to get under people’s skin.
  • Creates learning outcomes that ‘stick’
  • Is passionate, intense with a love for business and people.   She sees business as being all about people, how they relate to themselves and each other…”If we get the people right we get the business right and ‘make money”.
  • Blends the best parts of these to create a unique, engaging, content rich and brain accelerated approach to learning.

Why Julie?

My training style is engaging, high energy and content rich. I work fast, intuitively and efficiently, while ensuring every participant is ‘on board’ the learning journey.


I don’t work off a script: I work on people.


The programs I deliver don’t just focus on skills development: they go much deeper.

I facilitate insightful self-awareness, and then lay the skills on top, resulting
in learning outcomes that ‘stick’, improving performance through all levels of your business.

I know that I'm not going to be for everyone but... if you've tried the rest, and are tired of training that doesn't change behaviors or bring results, then let's talk!


What I can do for you