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coaching for real, sustainable change
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Are you tired of programs that don’t deliver results?

It’s an all too common scenario: your people attend (often expensive and time-consuming) events and may even return to the workplace full of enthusiasm, but then… nothing really changes. You want to ensure that any future solutions will bring about real significant change.

Or maybe you’ve had some less-than-stellar performance from your leaders, and want to make sure they – and maybe their successors as well – learn how to do things differently.
Perhaps you’ve realised that your customer experience and services aren’t as good as they could be, and you know this needs to change if you’re to compete in ‘The Age of the Customer.

Or it could be that you’re looking for a way to get your people communicating and collaborating more effectively and improving their time management skills and productivity.

If any of these scenarios sounds like you, and you want to do things differently in future, we should talk.

So, what’s the alternative?


I offer a broad range of solutions – speaking, training, coaching and facilitation services – that are based on a deep understanding of your organisation’s goals and objectives.


I then work with your people to facilitate change from within: I help them develop insightful self-awareness and then lay the skills on top, which enables people to become intrinsically motivated to learn and improve.


You can choose whatever approach works best to achieve your unique goals. I’ll work with you to develop a program that fits, which can include:


Delivering content rich, engaging and high-energy presentations, Julie’s personality is infectious! In fact, it is her ability to connect with people so effortlessly that provides the platform for her audience to feel relaxed and engaged.


Tailored workshops and training sessions that meet the needs of both participants and the business.


Coaching sessions to entrench learning and develop behaviours further.

Micro Learning

Highly immersive and engaging experiential learning activities that bring about rapid and sustainable change.


Sales Performance & Training

Embracing a fresh, relationship based approach focusing on client value and trust for better results.

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Customer Experience & Training

Placing the customer front and centre, ensuring a ‘winning’ customer experience.

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Leadership Development & Training

Helping your current and future leaders develop the skills they need to motivate and inspire their teams.

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Communication & Presentation Skills

Enabling your people to communicate value to customers at every level of the business, and work together more effectively.

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Productivity & Time Management

Helping people understand and transform their attitudes and skills and use their time most effectively.

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What my customers say

Julie is a gifted communicator and demonstrated this through a variety of media used in our work, both at an interpersonal level and through video presentation.


With a natural gift for taking in, assimilating & re-framing theoretical frameworks, she was able to engage with a variety of personnel when offering them the support & challenge of coaching. Her coachees demonstrated consistently high levels of performance improvement and this is largely down to Julie’s natural, confident and professional engagement with them.


A valued colleague, Julie was good to work alongside. Particularly when it came to problem solving when she helpfully contributed, and sought resolution to several difficult situations associated with the programme she was engaged with.


Perry Jones, Process Improvement & Change Analyst at Wiley-Blackwell

The most enjoyable aspect was the interaction.  Julie really got everyone involved & thinking about ways in which theory can be applied in our own circumstances & teams.


Alicia E, Course Participant from QBE

All guns blazing forward up here!


Things are good – definitely formalising and being more active in my planning time, and utilising proper reflective estimation of how long stuff actually takes. I’ve flagged my proactive meetings with a few stakeholders who are on board. Will definitely be a locked in meeting time with all of these people as of Day 1 2015. So all in all – very useful stuff and implementing in action!


Just came off a meeting actually, and there was something flagged that has huge potential to be one of those fires that blows my day up. Taking evasive action right now, booking time, grabbing the people and controlling the controllables on my end!


Looking forward to seeing you get around more of the business with this!


Nick Rouen, HR Coodinator at QBE

It was refreshing, the people attending the course was open which the success of Julie running it.  This course gives you a common ground with fellow staff members.


Marita B, Course Participant from NAB 

The day was great and we have received feedback from the broader team that they really enjoyed the day. A lesson learned was the time and nature of discussion surrounding our 2015 plans, with many letting us know they were aching for more.


I’ve noticed we are volunteering our DISC preferences in various discussions with a conscious respect for each other’s preferences, which is great to observe.


Thank you! It was a pleasure to have facilitation of the overall day in hand to not only keep us on track time wise, but also ensure quality contributions. I appreciated the objectivity you were able to contribute – making sure we honoured our objectives of the day, which can be a second thought when we are enjoying the revelry that comes with having our whole team together!!!


Lurnea Simmons, Assurance & Continuous Improvement Manager at QBE

I was learning with realising I was learning!


Sheena P, Course Participant from QBE

Working with Julie is an amazing, life changing and memorable experience! Julie has helped me to gain clarity, purpose, direction and success. She has an intuitive approach, which is honest, professional, succinct and life changing.


Julie ‘hits the nail on the head’ by asking the right questions and facilitating greater self awareness. She has helped me immensely, in regards to identifying and taking ownership of my future career path, healing from my ‘career past’, overcoming self limiting beliefs, reframing my language and has definitely been instrumental in motivating me to ‘step up’ and ‘play a bigger game!’.


I would highly recommend Julie Watson’s services as a coach and trainer without hesitation!!


Seona Craig, YOU Unlimited

I thoroughly know that I can implement all these learnings about myself & how to manage my time.


Julie, you showed us how to be better in our personal & work life. I recommend this workshop highly.


Sonja T, Course Participant from NAB 

Julie has developed an impressive portfolio of achievement having been involved in a number of challenging projects with an L&D focus ).


She is an accomplished trainer with a proven track record; (example: VW Academy) she is also an experienced and highly effective coach, able to work effectively with demanding individuals (example: Daimler Chrysler. SMART CAR project).


Julie is always a pleasure to work with – and is a true professional.


Les Jones, Development Director at Oakwood International

I have had the pleasure of managing Julie and also working alongside her to deliver management and leadership development interventions for individuals, teams and to support organisational strategic change.


Julie is passionate about helping people to connect with and unlock their potential which she achieves through striking a negotiated balance between support and challenge. She builds strong relationships built on openness, honesty and mutual trust that become the foundation of working collaboratively. Julie always develops solutions that are owned and valued by her customers and ensures that they achieve a real difference in the workplace. As well as being highly skilled at helping others to make changes, Julie models an openness and willingness to learn from her own practice which she does by actively seeking feedback.


If you are looking to maximise your most valuable asset, your people, then I have no hesitation in recommending Julie to help you make lasting change.


Paul Smith – Head of Learning & OD at The Open University (UK)

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